Residential Services

Cockroach Control

Whether you  call it a water bug, palmetto bug, roach or cockroach, we have a solution to keep them from multiplying.  After performing a thorough inspection, we will determine the species to conduct a treatment which eliminates the infestation and creates unfavorable conditions for pests.

Ant Control

If you found yourself dealing with ants in your home you are not alone.  With about 20 different species known to invade homes, ants are the #1 nuisance pest in the United States.  We have a wide range of product to control ant population and address the problem at the source (the queen or queens...).

Spider Control

Spiders by definition are not insects.  With insects being on the top of the menu, spiders are beneficial in the pest control process.  When spider populations become a concern, a thorough inspection can identify conditions contributing the infestation.  Modification to the environment along chemical application can help mitigate  the issue for lasting results.

Wasp/Hornet Control

Wasps nests vary in size, shape and locations. They can be enclosed or open. Some are found under eaves, and others like yellow jackets are located in the ground. Regardless of the species, extreme caution should be exercised when near these nests.  When scheduling for treatment of wasp/hornet nests, be prepared for an early morning or evening appointment since these times are ideal for the best results.

Rodent Control

The most common rodents we encounter in South Georgia are house mice, roof rats and Norway rats.  While rodent calls tend to peak during cooler months as they search for shelter and nesting material, certain cases may be year round.  We will identify points of entry and provide a solution to "exclude" them from the structure.  Traps and rodenticide bait may be necessary to achieve ideal pest control results.