Ask Magnum Pest Control


Are your products safe?

We use pesticide products  for the sole purpose of eliminating infestations and managing insect populations in structures.   All precautions given by the technician should be followed to minimize risk of exposure.

Why use a professional pest/termite control company?

Pest Control technicians are equipped with the proper education, experience and tools to control infestations and even prevent them occurring.  Insurance coverage requirements mandated by law protect consumers especially in the case of wood destroying organisms (termite control).  It is wise for home and business owners to protect their investment from these insects will literally eat your profit.

How did I get bedbugs?

Bedbugs are "hitchhikers".  They normally travel on items or on people themselves.  Anyone can get bedbugs regardless how clean they are.

How much does Magnum Pest Control charge?

One time treatment costs vary based on pest, infestation level and location.  Request a free inspection for a precise quote. Travel charges may apply.

We see a lot of bugs, should we bomb?

No.  Insect bombs use an active ingredient with a broad label for pests.  This can often spread the problem and be ineffective.  If it were that easy we would not be in business.  Call a professional.

Must I throw away my furniture because of bedbugs?

Usually all items can be treated and salvaged during a bedbug treatment.  Throwing things away usually makes the process more costly.